Privacy Policy

Storage of Personal Information in Restricted Facilities

The Privacy of your personal information is one of our Top Priorities and we take due steps to prevent it from any form of misuse by a third party. We store your personal information such as name, contact details, details of purchase in controlled facilities that are not accessible to everyone.

Why do we store your personal information?

We store your personal information to provide you with information on new features added to packages and seasonal discount offers. In addition we intend to request a testimonial from you on the service provided so that our lacking areas can be identified and enhanced.

Please note that we do not disclose your personal information (including your name and contact details) and details of your purchase to any professor, spammer or third party. Your details are stored for the purposes mentioned above. If you prefer that we do not contact you after your order has been delivered, all you have to do is let us know.

What happens when you don't want us to contact you after the delivery?

When you prefer that we do not contact you after the delivery has been made, we permanently delete all your information including your name, contact details and purchase information from our system. This ensures that we never make contact with you without your permission.

What information do we maintain when you visit us?

Cookies from your IP address and host provider are noted in order to track visitor's traffic, the pages that you visit at Dissertation Inn and the duration of your visit. Clients are free from preventing cookies from being noted, however, this may cause clients to only see some information on the website.

Dissertation Inn has the right to change any clause in the Policies and Terms of Service at any time, without prior notice. Dissertation Inn recommends that you read through our Terms of Service and all relevant policies before placing an order to ensure your rights, should a conflict arise.

Refund Policy

If after 7 rounds of revision, the client is still dissatisfied with the dissertation because it does not meet the initial instructions, the client has the right to contact the Customer Support to file a detailed complaint, proving that the 7 times revised dissertation still does not meet the original instructions given. It is then at the sole discretion of Dissertation Inn to either:

1. Assign a different writer to the client if we believe your dissertation can be handled appropriately by another writer.


2. Provide a full refund if we believe that we are unable to match up to the quality needed for your dissertation.

It is up to the sole discretion of Dissertation Inn to offer a refund under the circumstances of minor delivery delay or a minor content error as this may not necessarily constitute sufficient grounds to give rights to a full refund. The client and Dissertation Inn may negotiate on other forms of compensation such as a partial refund or discounts.

In the unfortunate circumstance that the client's credit card is charged erroneously for an extra amount, Dissertation Inn will take prompt steps to refund the extra charged amount in the least possible time.

Contact and Dispute Resolution Policy

The client agrees to inform and negotiate with Dissertation Inn for direct resolution in case of dissatisfaction with the dissertation content or the service provided, before initiating to contact the intermediary. If after 14 days of initial contact with Dissertation Inn, the client and Dissertation Inn have still not reached a resolution, the client may contact the intermediary for arbitration.

Failure to contact Dissertation Inn before initiating a chargeback with the intermediary will be considered a breach of contract and will be dealt with accordingly.

Cancellation Policy

It is at the sole discretion of Dissertation Inn to Accept or Decline an order request under the following circumstances:

  1. An unavoidable situation on the part of Dissertation Inn that prevents from the successful completion of the order.
  2. In case the client violates the Terms of Service.

Please note if an order has already been taken up, after which Dissertation Inn cannot carry out the successful completion of the order due to a rising unavoidable situation, immediate steps will be taken to ensure full refund as well as to minimise time loss for the client.

Dissertation Inn Does Not Drop Tough Dissertations.

Terms of Service

Prohibited Use:

Even though Dissertation Inn gives 100% Ownership Rights upon delivery of the dissertation, it holds the exclusive rights of reuse of the dissertation in any other form than its pre-defined purpose. Thus, the client holds no rights to circulate or resell the dissertation without the written authorisation of Dissertation Inn.

Plagiarism Policy:

Each Dissertation written is scanned on our strictest Anti-Plagiarism Software to be able to send you an Anti-Plagiarism Proof Report along with the Dissertation, proving our honest, custom-written and unique work. By purchasing a dissertation with us the client agrees that he/she cannot accuse Dissertation Inn of plagiarism and consequently request a refund based on the reports of their own plagiarism test without locating the exact sources of plagiarism.

Revision Policy:

Dissertation Inn strictly follows the guidelines provided by the client at the time of order placement. While Re-Writes may be undertaken in non-peak hours of the year, the Academic Research Writers are not to be held liable to complete the revision requests that are beyond the initial instructions.

The client is given full right to request a free revision only if the assigned writer failed to address some specific instructions, or if the alteration requested is minor. It should be noted that the Academic Research Writers are not liable to make changes to the dissertation based on the professor's feedback. Dissertation Inn does not promise any specific letter grades or academic approval on any of their essays delivered.

Our Liability and Client's Responsibility:

After purchase with Dissertation Inn, it becomes Dissertation Inn's sole liability to satisfy the client's order and is wholly responsible for the delivery unless under the following circumstances:

  1. The client does not provide us with the correct contact details to allow delivery on time.
  2. In case of activated spam filters that disallow the finished order from reaching client's mailbox.
  3. False email ID provided by the client.
  4. Lack of Internet Access or General Neglect from the client's end.

Clear- Cut Instructions Required:

To maximise the possibilities of delivery on a specified deadline and the client's dissertation getting approved and accepted, it is the sole responsibility of the client to provide Dissertation Inn with clear-cut instructions and specifications that will allow our Academic Research Writer to complete the paper on time and in accordance with the specifications. In case the instructions provided are not clear, Dissertation Inn may not be able to deliver on the promised deadline, which may cause a predicament on both ends.