Did You Manage to Write Your Dissertation After Sleepless Nights and Restless Days, But You are Still Not Sure if Your Supervisor Will Approve of it or Not?

  • You are unable to write more than 30 pages and this is why your dissertation contains verbositybecause you have to complete the required word count.
  • You can't write your dissertation without making grammatical mistakes because English is not your native language.
  • Your dissertation is not smooth, because you couldn't move smoothly from one part to another and one paragraph to another.
  • Even though your research question is strong, but you are unable to convey your message powerfully and effectively.
  • Your dissertation seems vague, because you are unable to prove your argument and provide proper evidence.
  • You are unable to use the required citation style correctly and want someone to correct it for you.

These mistakes can really embarrass you in front of your supervisor and your supervisor will never hesitate to tell you to rewrite your dissertation.

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