An Insight into Dissertation Thesis Statement

Dissertation-thesis-statement Students, pursuing the end of their master’s program, are inclined to produce a dissertation. It is an academic paper that presents an in-depth research on a specific topic of interest. It is an important academic paper that needs to be submitted and approved before a degree is awarded to the student. The statement that defines the research question of the dissertation is called thesis statement. Coming up with good statement is fairly difficult as it involves too much brainstorming and critical analysis. In order to develop an ideal statement it is highly important that students must learn how it is written.

Basically, this statement is presented in one or two sentences, defining the essence of the research work. It is presented in the opening paragraph of the dissertation, i.e., introduction. Therefore, it is important that this statement must be written in a clear, succinct and precise manner. It should be incorporated in the opening paragraph in a manner that keeps the rest of the introduction consistent. This statement also allows the dissertation committee to determine how focused the writer is. It is essential to remember that a concise and well-written statement always catch the interest of the reader. An ideal statement should tell the readers what they are expecting from your work. It should inform the reader about the importance of your work that you have submitted for assessment.

Though finding the right guidelines on how to write a thesis statement is quite easy these days, all thanks to the internet. However, it is imperative to understand that the writer should have significant interest in the research question otherwise coming up with a compelling statement will be not only difficult but next to impossible. Nonetheless, following are some useful tips that can help you learn thesis statement writing in no time:

•    To come up with an excellent statement, first determine the nature of your research work. Determine what type of paper you need to write: argumentative, analytical, etc.

•    Make sure that the thesis is not broad but specific to the research question that you intend to address.

•    The writer also needs to ensure that the statement indicates the findings of the research work.

•    The thesis should be outlined clearly and precisely in the opening paragraph of the paper.

•    Last but not least, it should present a research question or statement that is arguable.

Keep the above guidelines in mind and develop a strong thesis statement for your dissertation.

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