Writing an Engaging Dissertation Abstract

     It is very easy to find dozens of effective tips on how to come up with engaging dissertation topics, how to do research, how to plan a schedule and go through numerous literature. You can even find some useful tips on how to craft a compelling conclusion. Yet you cannot easily find useful tips on how to write engaging dissertation abstracts.

An abstract is one of the important elements of a dissertation as it provides the reader a short summary of the research that is being presented in the dissertation. It is also safe to say that an abstract is like a synopsis as it offers a concise summary of a complete document.

Different universities may demand the student to include specific information in the abstract. Therefore it is very important for the students to contact the tutor or the professor and identify the information which needs to be included in it. You can also check the list of specifications that is given by the professors while being assigned with dissertation project. Such lists also contain crucial information regarding the entire dissertation assignment.

An abstract is though a short synopsis of the complete dissertation but it is necessary that it should contain the following elements:

•    It should contain a brief explanation of why a particular topic or problem is being researched in the dissertation
•    It should briefly explain all the methods that the writer has carried out to execute a thorough research on the problem. These methods may include literature review as well as both qualitative and quantitative research techniques.
•    It should present a brief outline of the outcome of the research.
•    It should also explain to the audience the implications of the outcome of research and relate it with the dissertation’s theme.
•    Finally the writer should include any recommendations regarding the problem discussed in the dissertation.

Majority of people commence their dissertation writing without ever knowing the purpose of each section which it contains. To write an engaging synopsis the writer should know the main purpose or use of it. Remember that an abstract is an independent section. It is specifically useful for those people who want to know a general idea of the purpose and outcome of the dissertation before they read the entire assignment.

Keep in mind that a dissertation abstract assists the reader in deciding whether the dissertation is worth a read or not. It also indicates how effectively the writer has conducted research on the topic.

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