4 Critical Dissertation Writing Mistakes to Avoid

      Every student needs to write a comprehensive dissertation to complete his/her Masters program. In some countries like the US, dissertation is required for doctoral degrees whereas for Masters Degree students are required to write Thesis. However, in the UK we have to write dissertation to complete our Masters program such as MBA dissertation.

Writing a dissertation is certainly not a walk in the park. Although it is certain that this project is quite demanding and difficult but there are hundreds of guidelines available that students can follow to write winning dissertations. However, not many students take those guidelines seriously and end up writing poor dissertations, which are rejected ultimately. There are 4 critical dissertation writing mistakes that turns even winning dissertation into a mediocre or poor one. Every student should heed to these mistakes and try to avoid them as much as possible.

•    First mistake which is observed in students is that they try to group with like-minded individuals to brainstorm dissertation ideas. Though it is natural that you feel attracted to those individuals who have same interest as you or who have the same views on life as you. However, this natural behavior won’t work when it comes to writing Masters Dissertation. To come up with unique ideas and unique take on particular topics, you need to take the assistance of even those individuals who don’t share the same interest as you.

•    Second common mistake students make is choosing those topics that are less interesting or uninteresting to them. When it comes to writing dissertations it is highly important that one should choose those themes that are not only interesting to them but also to the readers who will read the dissertation. So, ensure that you spend ample time to choosing an interesting theme and figuring out whether that theme will be able to attract the attention of the readers or not.

•    Never choose a broad topic for this complex academic project. You need to realise that this type of project demands evidence or facts for every assumption which is made in it. Collecting a great amount of data which you can barely handle will make this task stressful for you. So, choose only a specific topic which you can explore in-detail.

•    Fourth most common yet critical mistake that students make is starting the dissertation without feeling the need of an outline. Keep in mind that by drawing an outline you will make this whole writing process easy for you. By drawing an outline you will be able to produce each section with complete focus. So create an outline whenever you need to tackle to an academic project.

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